About Look Mama

Look Mama is a brand inspired by ideas. It was started by a group of creative souls. Our mission is to excite all the little people on the planet that bring so much joy to bigger people. We want to create eye-catching, beautiful things. Stuff that brings happiness and evokes curiosity. We always work with an open-mind and without any limits. You can help Look Mama spread the joy.

Look Mama baby clothes and fashion

Quality of our products

We love to print with a material that is similar to a thin layer of plush, which has a velvety feel. It is extremely durable, comfortable and looks awesome. Look Mama requires its suppliers to provide fair work and production conditions. This includes, the assured prevention of child labour and the guarantee of fair payment. We only work with suppliers that sign our Social Code of Conduct, or provide similar assurances of their own. We also try to gather information about our supplier’s production conditions. Look Mama believes in happiness. We strive for happiness from the time an idea is created, while it is made, and when it is passed on.